Etzel Engineer & Build Services Provided

Etzel Engineer & Build offers a list of services in the design/build and construction sector. As a professional leader in design-led, design/build construction, we excel in design/build, preconstruction, construction, and mission-critical projects.

Through all of our services we follow these principals and philosophies:

  • Establish a Clear & Effective Plan: Our project team clearly determines their roles in our services from design to construction. We are responsible for the effectiveness of the team and the plan to meet goals/deadlines.
  • Foster Excellent Communications: Once we establish a plan for our services, we communicate the plan for our clients and teams. Communication is critical to capitalizing the capabilities of the team, avoiding unnecessary delays, and mitigating confusion.
  • Maintain a Sense of Urgency: All of our services are met with a sense of importance. We do not allow our projects to become stagnant as we always execute with end goals and deadlines in mind.
  • Create Full Accountability: Our project managers ensure everyone on the team is accountable for their portion of work during all projects for the services we provide. This accountability includes design professionals, subcontractors, equipment suppliers, and onsite workers.

We always enter any design/build services with the principals. View a full list of services we provide below:

Engineer & Design
Our design/build services are aimed to control scope, costs, and schedule, as well as provide cost-effective, reliable design services.
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Pre-construction services by Etzel Engineer & Build
Our construction manager plans with the design team to ensure all design efforts are appropriately filtered into the construction phase.
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Construction Services Etzel Engineer and Build
Construction Services
From subcontractor acquisition to cost and time control, we manage our construction sites with client needs and safety in mind.
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We understand our mission-critical clients must stay in operation 24/7, 365. Etzel handles mission-critical greenfield construction, fit-outs, and add-ons.
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I like working with Etzel Engineer and Build.  With their local presence, for example, it only took one phone call and their response time to multiple sites during Hurricane Sandy was impressive.” – Dan Cramer, Comcast Cable

Etzel Egineering & Build

Design/Build Method

We scope the project with drawings or narrative form to clearly facilitate designs for the overall project.
Scheduling - Designing
We provide design solutions and define costs, schedules, and deadlines. We meet project objectives with reliable costs and effective solutions.
Once we begin construction, we allocate all subcontractor's duties, keep daily task logs and schedule management, and ensure a safe work environment.
Our projects are finished within scope with costs and time maintained throughout the entire project.


Excellent design/build services provided