Technology Construction Services

Technology construction refers to the construction of mission-critical infrastructure for companies that are highly dependent on technology such as information technology or manufacturing technology or robotics technology.


For over ten years, Etzel Engineer and Build have worked with customers who have a unique need. For instance, we worked for a well known national telecommunications company to build a Video-on-Demand (VOD) system. We completed the project in under three months by working three shifts. When the client introduced VOD, it was so wildly popular that the construction costs were repaid in just a few months.


For another client, we’ve built a number of prefabricated network hub sites. This client depends on small sites that are interlinked to provide fiber optics services throughout the region. We provide a repeat solution which helps the client to improve on lead time and delivery to their customers


For a national data center provider, we upgraded the chiller plant which cools their underground data centers situated in converted mine tunnels. In order to complete this unique challenge, we lined a borehole with 150 foot of casing and ran the chilled water pipes to the surface. You can see a video of our work here.


One client wanted a pre-construction services package to be able to price the construction costs for a 6,000 square foot data center. We worked quickly to first provide a budget, an opinion of probable cost based on a range of magnitude. After the client hired us, we provide a detailed cost estimate.


Do you have a unique technology construction challenge? Whether its a data center, a fiber hub, a telecommunications facility or a robotics manufacturing operation, we can help you solve your construction challenges. Reach out to us today.