Data Center Construction

Data Center Construction

Data center construction is a specialized type of mission critical construction in which facilities are designed with redundant cooling and power.


A data center is a facility where computer equipment operates around the clock. A data center supports cloud computing technologies, where information technology services are accessed remotely by customers who don’t have their own equipment physically present in the facility. Data centers have unique features such as raised floor and hot/cold aisles.


A data center can support colocation, a type of information technology service where a client makes use of another company’s leased facility, effectively renting power, cooling and physical space.


Both cloud computing and colocation data center providers usually have an agreement that provides for a minimum level of redundancy, meaning, if the power goes out there is either a power backup system such as a generator or the entire data center itself may be mirrored in another location, a virtual backup system.


Data center construction requires a number of safe time events, in which cutovers occur. A cutover is a moment in time when power is transferred from a piece of equipment to an alternative power source, such as a generator. For this reason, Data centers require general contractors who place a premium on safety and reliability.


A data center requires specialized equipment such as a UPS – uninterruptible power supply and an ATS – automatic transfer switch. These pieces of specialized equipment help to ensure that power outages do not cause the equipment to go down. A data center builder has to avoid unplanned outages at all cost.


Etzel Engineer and Build specialize in data center construction. For a number of private clients, we have built data centers across the United States.


For one privately held national cloud computing and managed services provider, we are the exclusive builder. We travel the country building where their customers need data centers.


Who will be supporting your safe time events? Who do you trust in the middle of the night when the national operations center calls?


If you are thinking of building a data center and want an opinion of probable cost get in touch with us today.