Senior Living Construction Services

Etzel Engineer and Build specializes in a variety of senior living housing and outpatient day care facilities. Senior living refers to the needs of a demographic in society – people are living long lives and their needs change as they age. Senior living construction is about ensuring the highest quality of life for seniors, generally, facilities that cater to patients 65 years or older.


Etzel Engineer and Build have built outpatient day facilities known as adult day-care facilities. These facilities are located in places that are easy for seniors to get to. For instance, they can be tenant fit-outs from converted retails spaces. We have built single story residential senior living homes, both detached and free standing. These facilities are built with a focus on mobility, convenience, and sustainability.


For the average price per square foot, according to a publication by the American Seniors Housing Association, mid-level assisted living projects can range from $175 – $225 a square foot. Higher level assisted living projects can range from $240 – $280 per square foot, while independent living can range from $170 – $230 per square foot.


Etzel Engineer and Build can work with you in a design-build approach to create a solution that fits your needs. We can help you innovate in a changing marketplace. If you have a senior living construction project reach out and we can help.


For senior living construction references please contact us.