Etzel Safety Practices

At Etzel Engineer and Build, we know that our employees (and subcontractors’ employees) are our company’s greatest assets, and their health and well-being is our greatest concern.  Therefore, it is our policy to do all that we can to protect our employees from injuries and illnesses.

Etzel Engineer and Build is committed to providing a safe place to work.  We accomplish this by providing safe equipment, proper training, and constant monitoring of work methods and procedures.  We perform risk assessment and analysis and use the results to make decisions to achieve safety risk management.  Safety decisions are based on the following action plan:


  • Plan – a risk assessment and analysis must be determined prior to the start of work
  • Hazard Identification – identify the safety risks associated with the system or operations under evaluation
  • Analysis – characterize risks in terms of severity of consequence and likelihood of occurrence
  • Risk Assessment – compare the risk to the acceptability criteria specified in the plan and provide the results in a manner and method easily adapted for a safe decision-making process
  • Decision – the risk management decision and work plan will include the safety risk assessment which may be used to compare options for safe, successful completion of work


Management and employees must work together for the common goals of preventing accidents and providing a safe place to work.  Supervisors will see that all rules and procedures are observed by their crews.  They are responsible for maintaining safe work conditions.

Etzel Engineer and Build maintains an approach to safety which includes the following:


  • The Safety Officer for Etzel Engineer and Build visits construction sites on a routine basis and reviews the site conditions with the on-site superintendent and addresses any safety issues
  • Etzel Engineer and Build coordinates random, unannounced visits to construction sites by our insurance carrier’s Loss Control Representative to ensure a safe work site is maintained
  • Weekly job site safety meetings are required by all subcontractors on the construction site with meeting minutes being required to be submitted to our on-site superintendent