Healthcare Construction Services

Healthcare construction requires an approach that puts health and human safety at the center.


The renovation of an existing health care facility can be challenging. The construction team has to plan in advance. Well before construction begins there should be a preliminary investigation to document existing conditions, a term that means documenting the conditions of the building “as is”.


Often times, there are health hazards such as lead-based paint or asbestos or other hazardous materials that should be mitigated before construction begins.


The design team will need to develop a life safety plan to be implemented during construction. This includes locations that are intended for emergency egress or designated areas for safe assembly in an instance in which the building has to be evacuated.


Healthcare construction has a specific requirement for infection control and risk assessment. For instance, during construction, the use of negative air machines could draw in air from occupied portions of the health care facility, which could put workers or patients at risk. Air monitoring for the duration of the project as well as pressure monitoring stations may be set up.


Etzel Engineer and Build have completed projects in senior assisted living facilities. A private client hired us to upgrade several wings of a healthcare facility. Among other tasks, we were hired to redo the fire alarm system and to rework the interior layout by removing interior partitions and providing new finishes to existing surfaces.

If you have a health care construction need, reach out to us today. We may be able to provide you with a preliminary opinion of probable cost for free.